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Instantly Generate High-Value Brandable Domains for Products, Services, Businesses  or Domain Flipping using the Power of AI

Quickly Generate Domains using AI, Check Availability & Get Price Valuations All at ONCE!

Discover the power of artificial intelligence in crafting memorable, high-value domains for your brand.

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Generate Domains from Keyword Topic

Quickly generate hundreds of the best high-value brandable domains in just seconds.

Enter in a keyword phrase or topic about what you need the domain name for and let AI take over

Generate brandable domain names using AI
Instantly check domain availability
Get domain price valuations for short term and long term

Get Instant Domain Appraisal

Valuation at Your Fingertips: Understand the worth of your domain names from the get-go. Whether it’s a quick flip or a long-term investment, get accurate short-term and long-term domain valuations within the software.

The domain appraisal data comes from a highly-reputable source providing more than just a simple estimate.

Short-Term Value: (From an Investor's Viewpoint)

When eyeing a swift sale, it's typically an investor who steps in, aiming to flip the domain for future profits. Consequently, their offer might lean towards the lower end, reflecting their investment strategy.

Long-Term Value: (From the End User's Viewpoint)

For those playing the long game, aiming for a substantial sale, the target is often an end-user. These buyers, envisioning prolonged use of the domain, are generally open to paying a premium, recognizing the lasting value it brings to their brand.

The Trifecta Effect

Searching for the ideal domain for your upcoming product or service can be challenging and time-consuming!

Ditch the hassle of navigating through 20 different domaining tools and let Domain Activator do the heavy lifting by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence.

It's like doing 3 tasks at the same time within one interface ... aka, "The Trifecta Effect"

Create your brand, product name, service, or business name along with securing your perfect domain and obtaining instant domain appraisal!

It's your strategic edge, ensuring your brand's name, domain, and worth align flawlessly, propelling you ahead in the digital marketplace.

More Options for Total Control

You also get more control within the options tool allowing you to include or exclude given words from the AI generated domain names.

Plus, select the AI model and number of domains the generate per extension.

You can also check multiple domain extensions for each generated domain making it even faster to uncover the perfect domain your business needs.

In addition, you can use the quick buttons to set the main or common extensions at the click of a button.

Domain Extensions Tool

Need to check more domain extensions, no problem we got you covered. With the domains extensions tool you can select from over 1,300 extensions you can instantly check inside Domain Activator.

If you cannot get your perfect .com domain, try another extension to get your brand perfectly aligned with your domain name.

Fine Tune Your Domains

Customization and Control: Adjust creativity levels, idea variety, and more to control the uniqueness and relevance of the AI generated domains, ensuring it meets your specific requirements.

3 built-in presets: Creative, Balanced, and Precise
Save Custom Presets: Save unlimited custom presets for fine tuned output you specifically need
Creativity Control: Adjusts how creative or predictable the writing is. Turn it up for more unique and surprising ideas, or turn it down to stick closer to expected answers.
Idea Variety: This decides how many different ideas we consider before choosing what to say next. A higher setting means we explore more options for a varied story, while a lower setting keeps the story more focused.
Repeat Reducer: Helps prevent repeating the same words or phrases too much. Increase this to encourage more diverse vocabulary and ideas in the story.
New Topic Control: Ensures we don't stick to the same topic for too long, encouraging the introduction of new topics and ideas. Turn this up for more diverse topics.

Generate Domains from Prompt Library

Need more specific domain names for your niche? No worries, we got the tool just for you!

You can also generate your perfect domain name from a build-in library of over 230 prompt templates.

Simply point and click, fill in the blanks and click "Generate" to uncover the perfect domain that resonates with your target audience.

Over 230 Preloaded Prompts

Get instant inspiration from our built-in prompt library providing over 230 preloaded prompts in 22 different niche categories.

Simply double-click the prompt you want, fill in the blanks, and generate the prompts you need for your business with ease.

Instantly search all prompts to find the ones you need even faster!

More Options & Settings

As with generating domains from a topic, in the prompts section you also have access to extra options for fine tuning the number of results as well as AI output settings for generating the perfect domains.

Import Prompts

We even made it super easy to import unlimited prompts into the built-in prompt library.

You can create, remove, edit prompt categories as well as create, edit, remove, import prompts into any category.

You can also save your prompt library to its very own data file so you never lose your favorite prompts.

Armed with a comprehensive library of prompts designed to inspire the ideal domain or business name, you'll have endless opportunities to craft the perfect domain without ever hitting a creative block.

Save to Favorites

We understand storing hundreds or thousands of domains in endless spreadsheets can be confusing and not to mention, a big waste of time!

Inside Domain Activator, you can easily save your top domains to the favorites tool.

Create unlimited categories and keep everything tidy and easy to access.

Stop fumbling around 20 different spreadsheets and text documents and keep your most trusted domains in one spot.

You can also save your favorites to dedicated data files for safe keeping.

AI Browser

Don't want to use your OpenAI API key? No problem, we got you covered!

Use the sophisticated but simple built-in AI browser to login to your favorite AI engine to generate the domain names you need fast!

Then easily import those domains back into Domain Activator to instantly see if they are available and get their price valuations.

Plus, check other domain extensions at the same time!

Built-in Prompt

After you select the options in Domain Activator and click the "AI Browser" button, an automatic prompt is provided for you to simply copy and paste into your favorite ai engine.

Even when using the "Generate from Prompt" tool, the given prompt is also provided in the built-in prompt area inside the AI Browser making it easier to generate your domains faster.

Built-in Domain Extractor

After you generating domains using your favorite ai engine such as ChatGPT, Google Gemini, Bing Copilot or some other engine, with one click, send the domains to the import tool.

We built-in a special domain extraction function that searches the built-in web browser for all domain names in the page and sends them all to the import tool. 

This feature makes is very quick and easy to start checking domains for availability and valuation getting to the exact domains your business needs.

Import Domains from Any Site!

Since the AI Browser uses a built-in web browser, technically you can extract and import domains from any webpage containing containing domain names.

Therefore, we added several pre-loaded bookmarks to very useful online domain name generators for you to quickly import into Domain Activator at the click of a button!

It's never been easier to find the perfect domain name in no time flat.

Bookmarks & Logins

Get preloaded bookmarks containing several free AI engines and other tools for generating more unique domain names you can easily import into Domain Activator.

Plus, you get access to a logins tool for storing your login information to any online account allowing you quick access to your favorite tools

Stop fumbling around 20 chrome tabs and stay focused on what matters!

But That's Not All!

During This Special Promotion We Are Offering Theses "Action Taker" Bonuses

You will also get a compiled list of top resources for driving free traffic and optimizing your marketing with AI into a set of bonuses only available during this limited-time discount offer.

Bonus #1

5 Powerful Videos

You’ll get access to 5 videos that cover topics for helping you create the best domain name for your business or next big project idea.

8 Places to Sell Domain Names
ChatGPT How To Find The Perfect Domain Names
How to buy a domain name (5 best domain registrars)
How to Pick the Best Domain Name For Your Website
How To Use AI To Find & Buy The Perfect Domain Name

(Value $69)

Bonus #2

5 Powerful PDF Reports

Supercharge your domain and website with our bonus bundle of 5 PDF reports. Discover actionable strategies for claiming your perfect domain name.

ChatGPT - Website Design Best Prompts for a Killer Website
How to Choose a Good Domain in Terms of SEO
How to create an entire website with ChatGPT
How To Flip Domain Names in 2024
Recommended Courses for Domain Flipping

(Value $69)

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AI Powered Domain Generator & Appraisal Software

Generate brandable domain names using AI
Instantly check domain availability
Get domain name valuations for short term and long term
Options tool for fine tuning the domain results
Option to include or exclude words from domain names
Built-in domain extensions tool with 1,310 extensions to select from
3 built-in ai output settings for quick fine tune controls: Creative, Balanced, and Precise
Advanced fine tune controls for creativity control, idea variety, repeat reducer, and new topic control
Generate domains from given built-in prompts
Built-in domain prompt library with 12 categories and 234 prompts
Bulk import prompt tool
Bulk import unlimited domains to instantly check availability as well as short-term and long-term valuations
Built-in favorites tool to keep track of all your domain inventory
Domain extraction feature for extracting domains from the built-in browser directly into the import tool
Built-in bookmarks for quick access to ai engines and online domain generators
Built-in user logins for quick access to ai engines
Instantly generate high-value brandable engaging domain names using the power of artificial intelligence
Can generate product name ideas and matching domain names with high-value at the same time
Generate domains to buy and sell as a domainer
Easily scrape domain names from online domain generator tools using the built-in browser tool
Login passwords tool for getting where you need fast inside the built-in AI browser tool
Built-in instant prompt for quickly generating the AI content you need fast
5 Bonus Powerful Videos
5 Bonus Powerful PDF Reports
Commercial License to generate domains & appraisals as a service
Outsource License to allow up to 10 teams members to install
10 Computer Installs
Video Instructional Training
No monthly payments
Responsive Customer support
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About the developer

Hello! I'm Dave Guindon

B.Eng., M.A.Sc. in Electrical Engineering
Software Developer/Webmaster
Online Marketing Entrepreneur

I have developed over 100 software applications spanning the last 20+ years and absolutely love creating tools that help people save time and money. I thank you for stopping by and hope you take action today. You won't regret it. 

"From our family to yours, we thank you for your support and hope you and your family are safe."

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Script Atlas work on a Mac?

Yes, the software works on Mac computers. In fact, we will provide a completely native Mac application.

What Mac OSX and PC Windows Versions are supported?

The software will work on Mac OSX 12 or higher including the 64-bit OSX, and Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 & 11.

Is there a Refund Policy?

Yes, absolutely. You have a full 30 days to try the software, and if you are not satisfied in any way, contact us here and our team will refund your payment right away.

Is this software cloud based?

No, the software is not cloud based. It's desktop software that runs on a Windows computer or a Mac Computer. Since the software is not cloud based, it will work MUCH better at extracting data using the power of your computer instead of sharing the data extraction with thousands of other users on a cloud-based server.

With  new emerging AI technology, will the software be continuously updated?

Yes, absolutely! We keep our software updated and always working with the latest technology.

Do I need to have the paid ChatGPT account?

No, you are not required to have the paid ChatGPT plus plan to use Insight Analyzer.

You have 2 options to create content using AI. You can use the AI Generator and connect your OpenAI API key to the software. Or you can use the AI Browser and use the built-in web browser to login to your favorite free ai engine.

How many computers can I install on?

Normally, you can install the software on 1 computer that you own. But, during this promotion, you get an outsource license that allows you to install the software on 10 computers you own or for your employees, partners outsource team, or family.

How do I get support?

You can contact our support team anytime at our support help desk here

Are there any monthly or recurring payments?

No, there are no monthly or recurring payments. There is only a one-time payment to get instant access to the Insight Analyzer software.

Are Software Updates Free?

Yes, absolutely! You will receive all future updates for major version 1 absolutely free for life! We release between 30 to 80 updates spanning 1-2 years for a given major version. In fact, every time you open the software, it will automatically check for new updates and provide you with a download button.

Does this software run on my iPad or Android Device?

This software is not a mobile app and will not run on a mobile device running a mobile operating system such as an iPad, iPhone, or Android device. We are currently investigating the option to expand our software to mobile applications in the near future.

Are there API fees?

Yes, and no. If you decide to use the AI Generator tool with your OpenAI API key, then you will be charged a super tiny fee to generate AI content in your OpenAI account. We show you how to setup it up in the help videos. From our experience, it costs less than $1 to $3 per month which is much cheaper than the ChatGPT $20/month plan. And you only pay for the content you create, which is a fraction of one cent per content creation.

But, if you decide to use the AI Browser tool, then you don't need to enter your OpenAI API key. It's a built-in browser where you can login to your favorite free ai engine such as the free version of ChatGPT, Google Gemini, Bing Copilot or the free version of Claude AI.

Also, you can optionally integrate your Keywords Everywhere API key to access the features for getting URL metrics and historic search volume data from your paid Keywords Everywhere account.

But, if you do not want to use Keywords Everywhere, you can import free search volume data from Google Keyword Planner and SearchVolume.io. In addition we have integrated a computer estimation tool that provides estimated search volume data.

Get Domain Activator Risk Free!

Your purchase comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with the product, we will refund your purchase. Simply put, we don't deserve to accept your money unless you are completely satisfied with the product. We are taking all the risk for you and you have nothing to lose! 

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