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Early Users Are Loving Insight Analyzer

"Insight Analyzer is now one of my favorite SEO tools and I am very impressed with how easy it is to research new topics and create comprehensive content. Very nice Dave!"

John Kulpiner

Software beta tester

"I always read the people also asked questions on Google, but didn't realize the potential of using those in our marketing. Insight Analyzer is now an invaluable asset to my toolkit!"

Trevor Krieger

Software beta tester

"I am very honored to try out another one of Dave's incredible creations! And this came at the right time. I desperately needed new topics and content and this is just pure gold! Thanks again"

Michelle Dupois

Software beta tester

Imagine Finding Endless Low-Competition Topics That You Can Rank For In A Snap!

Unearth a goldmine of insights hidden within Google's "People Also Asked" questions and autosuggest keywords. Unlock a direct line to understanding your audience's most pressing needs, questions, and search intentions. Here's how Insight Analyzer transforms these insights into your strategic advantage:

Direct Access to Audience Psyche

Leverage the "People Also Asked" feature to gain an unparalleled view into the exact queries and concerns your audience has, enabling you to craft content that directly answers their needs.

Untapped Keyword Opportunities

Discover longtail keywords that represent fresh, highly targeted opportunities for ranking and engagement, giving you an edge over competitors who rely on more traditional keyword sources.

Intent Clustering

Understand not just what your audience is asking, but why. Intent clustering reveals the underlying motivations behind searches, guiding you to create content that truly resonates and converts.

Real-Time Content Relevance

With Insight Generator, tap into a continuous stream of real-time search data, ensuring your content strategy remains highly relevant and up-to-date with evolving consumer interests.

Innovative Content Ideas

Beyond keywords, gain inspiration for new content types, formats, and angles that uniquely address your audience's needs, setting your brand apart as a thought leader in your industry.

Boost SEO and User Engagement

By addressing the specific queries and topics uncovered by the Insight Generator, you're more likely to rank higher in search results and attract more organic traffic, as your content closely aligns with user intent.

Why Long Tail Keywords?

According to Neil Patel, they analyzed 7.4 billion keywords and matched it up to analytical data for over 1 million websites to figure out what types of keywords are best. The long tail is what really makes an SEO campaign work!

“There are 8.5 billion Google searches every day, and 20% of those have never been seen before. They’re like a direct line to people’s thoughts…”

Source: seo.ai


The ultimate desktop software for Windows and Mac users with 6 revolutionary tools, that empowers you to uncover longtail keywords, generate high-ranking AI content, and extract invaluable insights directly from your target audience's mind. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to strategic, data-driven content creation.

tool #1

PAA Extractor

Access unlimited "People Also Asked" questions from Google, diving into the psyche of your audience to reveal their true search intent and queries. Create content that ranks and resonates.

Unlock Hidden Queries: Access a treasure trove of "People Also Asked" questions, uncovering the exact queries your audience is searching for, giving you a competitive edge in content creation.
Enhance Content Relevance: Use real-time, intent-based insights to craft content that directly answers your audience's most pressing questions, significantly boosting engagement and relevance.
Save Research Time: Streamline your keyword research process with automated extraction of PAA questions, allowing you to focus on content strategy and creation rather than manual data gathering.
Discover Untapped Opportunities: Tap into the goldmine of low-competition, high-intent keywords that many tools overlook, positioning your content in untapped niches for maximum visibility.
Visualize Search Intent: Quickly compile PAA questions into interactive tree views, making it easier to understand and strategize around your audience's search intent and content needs.

Extract Unlimited "People Also Asked" Question

Instantly view the questions in an interactive tree view to help find the exact content you need fast!
Extract with NO limits up to 8 levels deep. Get over 1,200 questions in one single query!
Change 46 languages and 236 countries inside the built-in browser

Never run out of highly relevant content with Insight Analyzer. Get instant access today!

Expand Your Data

Extract up to 8 levels deep into Google's "People Also Asked" section producing thousands of interconnected content ideas in just minutes!

Easily get over 1,200 questions in one single query!

Expand more by automating the question clicking up to 5 times to add even more questions to each level.

With complete 100% automation, you can quickly build out question trees to visually understand your target audience search intent.

No other related tool provides a feature to control how many times to click questions!

Bulk Extract PAA Data

Perform bulk "People Also Asked" extractions with a single click, saving countless hours in research and data compilation.

Gain instant access to a wealth of search query insights, accelerating the content ideation process and helping to identify key content opportunities faster.

Massive Time Savings

Automatically sorts and saves extracted data into interactive tree view files, CSV files, and optional project files, streamlining the content planning process.
Generate self-contained HTML interactive tree files that can be easily shared with content writers, just like PDF or TXT files.
Effortlessly scale your content research efforts, handling large volumes of queries at once to support extensive content campaigns and strategies.


Dig Deeper: Get Search Volume Data Directly Into the Data Grid!

3 Ways to Access Monthly Search Volume Data

Access monthly search volume data through three diverse methods: direct extraction into the software, importing from Google Keywords Planner, or integrating with Keywords Everywhere, ensuring comprehensive keyword insights.

Import free search volume data from Google's keyword planner and SearchVolume.io
Estimate monthly search volume using a sophisticated traffic estimation API directly in the software ... UNLIMITED and FREE!
Optionally connect with your paid Keywords Everywhere* API for more in-depth search history analysis
Extract URL estimated traffic and number of ranked keywords directly into the data grid with your paid Keywords Everywhere* API integration
Utilize accurate and up-to-date search volume data to make informed decisions about which keywords to target for maximum visibility and engagement.
Compare and contrast keyword potentials using varied data sources, enabling a deeper understanding of keyword trends and performance.

*Note: To use the built-in Keywords Everywhere tools and features, it's required to have a paid account with Keywords Everywhere to utilize their amazing API data.

tool #2

Insight Generator

Tap into a vast array of autocomplete data from 4 different top search engines and quickly pump out every useful phrase and question your audience is asking around your keyword. 

Then understand what your audience is truly curious about, enabling a deeper understanding of their needs and preferences.

Extract raw insights from Google, Bing, Youtube, and Amazon
Select from up to 237 countries 
Get keywords in up to 46 languages
Generate untapped longtail keywords using 19 classes of modifiers
Create unlimited custom modifier lists
Extract monthly search volume, CPC and competition - unlimited
Keywords Everywhere API integration
Uncover niche topics you would have never thought of and boost organic traffic

Search Modifier Editor

The Insight Generator tool appends and prepends special modifiers to your search phrase to instantly pull in thousands of untapped longtail keywords you would have never thought of!

Get 19 pre-loaded modifier lists (MORE than ANY other software on the planet!)
Create and edit unlimited custom modifier lists
Edit, save, import, export your modifiers with ease
Uncover untapped keyword opportunities in just seconds

Get More Traffic

By addressing the specific queries and topics uncovered by the Insight Generator, you're more likely to rank higher in search results and attract more organic traffic, as your content closely aligns with user intent.

Uncover Hidden Niches

Dive into the long tail of search data to reveal niche topics and underexplored areas. 

These insights can lead to unique content opportunities that less informed competitors are likely to overlook.

Add Custom Modifier Lists

The Insight Generator tool is the ONLY software on the planet that delivers 19 pre-loaded modifier lists! 

AND, you can also create unlimited custom modifier lists making it EVEN more powerful!

TIP: Enter your own custom modifier lists in different languages to get powerful long tail keywords in ANY language!

tool #3

Group Generator

Quickly group your questions or longtail keywords into tight relevant groups ensuring your SEO and PPC strategies target the most coherent and relevant search queries. The Group Generator tool processes your keywords considering the natural speech patterns of your audience, enhancing the relevance of your content and ads.

Whether dealing with hundreds or thousands of keywords, get relevant, actionable groups every time, making it easier to manage large-scale campaigns with precision.

Competitive Edge in SEO

Gain a significant advantage over competitors by deploying well-organized keyword groups that enhance the specificity and relevance of your SEO and PPC efforts, leading to better visibility and conversion rates.

Built-in excluded words list designed to super-focus your relevant tight keyword groups
Leverage deep insights to segment your keywords into tightly knit groups
Create hyper-targeted content that directly addresses specific audience interests and needs
Export keyword groups to CSV, TXT, and project files

tool #4

AI Generator

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to generate high-quality, engaging articles, rewrite existing content, and transform video transcripts into compelling written narratives

This cutting-edge feature leverages your OpenAI API key to tap into advanced AI capabilities, streamlining the content production process while maintaining a high standard of creativity and relevance. 

Whether you're looking to quickly produce articles from "People Also Asked" questions, answers, or need to instantly rewrite content for freshness, the AI Generator is your go-to solution for elevating your content strategy.

From scraping articles for instant rewrites to converting YouTube videos into text articles, the AI Generator offers a versatile range of capabilities that empower marketers, content creators, and SEO professionals to achieve their objectives with unprecedented ease and effectiveness. Plus, the AI Generator contains a built-in HTML editor to do the quick edits you need fast before deploying your content.

Generate Long-Form Articles

With the "Content Length Settings" tool, you can quickly generate long-form articles up to 10,000 words long with up to 10 sections!

Plus, the AI Generator will automatically create and insert an introduction and conclusion section directly into your finished article.

It's never been easier to get the long-form content your business needs in just a few clicks!

Instant AI Article Creator

Create an article from a "people also asked" question, or a group of questions
Create an article from a keyword phrase or a group of related keywords
Instantly convert a given Youtube video to text and rewrite
You can even scrape any article and instantly rewrite it
Works with your OpenAI API key for smooth operation, providing a secure and efficient way to produce content at scale
Cheaper than using the paid ChatGPT plus plan

Turn PAA Questions into Content

Easily send one or multiple PAA questions to the AI Generator to make a completely new fresh piece of content that doesn't exist yet.

By answering the exact questions your target market is craving, your content is aligned with exactly what Google wants!

Google LOVES "People-First" content, NOT "Engine-First" content. In other words, create content that actually helps people and Google will rank your content higher!

Turn PAA Answers into Content

You can also send PAA answer content to the AI Generator and let AI create a new unique piece of content that Google loves.

Rewrite Articles from a Link

With the built-in article scrapper technology, simply enter or send an article link from the PAA extractor to the AI Generator tool and it automatically rewrites a new fresh article at the click of a button!

It's as easy and point and click to get new content Google already loves!

Convert Youtube to Text and Rewrite

The AI Generator will automatically recognize Youtube links and first convert the video to text and then use AI to create new fresh content in just seconds.

Create Content from the Insight Generator

You can also send one or multiple longtail keywords from the Insight Generator tool to the AI Generator to instantly create top quality content for untapped niches nobody else are ranking for.

Create Content from the Group Generator

We didn't stop there! After grouping your longtail keywords or PAA questions into tight relevant keyword groups using the Group Generator tool, you can send entire groups to the AI Generator at once!

Let AI create captivating content from your tight relevant group in just seconds creating completely unique and fresh content Google loves.

Adapt Any Tone

Select from 24 different tone of voice styles to perfectly align your content with your brand's voice and audience's expectations.

Experiment with different tones to keep your content fresh, appealing, and memorable across various platforms.

Speak directly to your audience’s mood and mindset, whether you're looking to educate, inspire, or entertain.

Fine Tune Your Content

Customization and Control: Adjust creativity levels, idea variety, and more to control the uniqueness and relevance of the generated content, ensuring it meets your specific requirements.

3 built-in presets: Creative, Balanced, and Precise
Save Custom Presets: Save unlimited custom presets for fine tuned output you specifically need
Creativity Control: Adjusts how creative or predictable the writing is. Turn it up for more unique and surprising ideas, or turn it down to stick closer to expected answers.
Idea Variety: This decides how many different ideas we consider before choosing what to say next. A higher setting means we explore more options for a varied story, while a lower setting keeps the story more focused. 
Repeat Reducer: Helps prevent repeating the same words or phrases too much. Increase this to encourage more diverse vocabulary and ideas in the story. 
New Topic Control: Ensures we don't stick to the same topic for too long, encouraging the introduction of new topics and ideas. Turn this up for more diverse topics.

Post to WordPress

You can connect to UNLIMITED WordPress sites and post UNLIMITED content at the click of a button!

It's never been easier to create top ranking content and post directly to your blogs with just a few clicks.

You can even schedule content to be released in the future!

TIP: Schedule several months of content for all your blogs to free up more time to spend on tasks that matter the most!

AI Image Generator

Use the built-in AI image generator tool to quickly generate images using the latest AI image generation models  making it easier to get visuals into your content fast!

2 built-in models: DALLE-2 & DALLE-3
Quality settings: Create standard or high-definition images
Style Control: Generate hyper-real and dramatic images or more natural images
Size Variety: Generate various sizes to fit your content perfectly

tool #5

AI Browser

Don't want to use your OpenAI API key in the AI Generator tool? No problem, we got you covered!

Use the sophisticated but simple built-in AI browser to login to your favorite AI engine to create the content you need fast!

Login Faster

With the built-in login tool, you can quickly get into your favorite AI engine super-fast using the innovative built-in web browser technology. Stop fumbling around 20 chrome tabs and stay focused on what matters!

Built-in preloaded bookmarks tool for getting to the AI engines you need fast
Built-in logins tool to quickly copy and paste your usernames and passwords
Built-in instant prompt tool
Built-in article scrape and prompt creator

Effortlessly navigate and integrate diverse AI platforms with the AI Browser tool, streamlining your digital exploration and content creation process.

Built-in Article Scraper & Auto-Prompt Creation

Send a PAA link to the AI Browser, or enter one into the rewrite content tool and it instantly scrapes the article content and creates a prompt to copy and paste into your favorite AI engine. It's never been easier to create new fresh content the way you need it.

Youtube Video to Text & Auto-Prompt Creation

Enter a Youtube link and it will instantly converts the video to text and creates the perfect prompt to copy and paste into your favorite AI engine.

tool #6

Keywords Everywhere Tool

The built-in Keywords Everywhere tool integrates seamlessly with your paid KE account API. 

This powerful feature enhances your SEO strategy by providing real-time, comprehensive data directly in the software interface, including historical monthly search volume, cost per click (CPC), and competition metrics.

Instantly Uncover Trends

It goes beyond the basics offered by Keywords Everywhere, offering unique insights such as trending slopes, spikes, and ranged monthly averages to give you a competitive edge. 

With this integration, you can effortlessly access valuable data that informs your content strategy, optimizes your keyword selection, and uncovers new opportunities for visibility and engagement. 

Embrace a more efficient, data-driven approach to keyword research with our built-in Keywords Everywhere tool, tailored for users who demand precision and depth in their SEO endeavors.

Uncover More Top Searched Keywords

The Keywords Everywhere tool is integrated throughout many tools inside Insight Analyzer!

Instantly send unlimited PAA questions to the KE tool to uncover the top search questions in any market you want.

Quickly discover content people are not only talking about, but also searching for!

You can also send longtail keywords from the Insight Generator tool to the Keywords Everywhere tool.

We made it easier than ever to get the metrics you need to build out your content strategy fast.

Get Search Volume & URL Metrics with KE

Also get the URL metrics for all the "People Also Asked" article links in the PAA Extractor tool.

You get the estimated monthly traffic the URL is getting as well as the estimated number of ranked keywords for that URL.

This allows you to see what articles are pulling in the most traffic, then you can investigate the content and even rewrite it using the built-in AI tools.

Plus, when extracting only the URL metrics in the PAA Extractor, it doesn't use any of your Keywords Everywhere credits. 

So technically, this feature is free to use, as long as you have some paid credits in your Keywords Everywhere account.

Take a look at these recent case studies...

SEO is getting tougher, and it’s forcing marketers to find even more clever ways to build relevancy and presence in an online space flooded with AI-generated content. To that end, we’re noticing distinct patterns surrounding SEO keyword strategy — and one of them is the growing importance of long-tail keywords.

With Insight Analyzer, you get the competitive edge for staying relevant in today's AI digital age!

Insight Analyzer is Helping Marketers Rank Higher Faster

Once again Dave, I appreciate the chance to test your next software, Insight Analyzer. I love the grouping keywords tool, it was something I really needed with my latest PPC campaigns. love it!

Janice Walker

Software Beta Tester

Another on-point no fluff software. I can't believe the new content ideas I am getting using this tool. Another winner from the Appbreed team.

Kevin Miller

Software Beta Tester

Hey Dave, I am really enjoying your Insight Generator software, in particular, the PAA extractor tool. Wow, I didn't realize just how many content ideas you can really create. This is a real gem. Thanks again for another great tool.

Tammy Swanson


Dave, this software is amazing! Seriously, I was turned to PAA content from Google last year but now I can save thousands per year using your tool. Plus, the autosuggest insights saved me even more. Can't thank you enough. I give it an A++

Lui Wei

Software Beta Tester

At first I thought, not another mindless "keyword" tool. But after 5 minutes pulling the people also asked questions from Google did I realize just how crazy powerful that content is! You can basically dominate your target market by creating content around these questions alone. Thanks for the opportunity to try this Dave!

Gabriel Pérez

Software Beta Tester

I'm back again beta testing another one of Dave's great innovations. And yet again, I am blown away and can't believe how many content ideas this thing pumps out. Plus the integration of generating content with AI can really streamline content creation for untapped searches. Very nice Dave!

Abhijeet Khatri

Software Beta Tester

Comments from Verified Customers that Purchased Our Software

Dave keeps on giving with his software development. Must be his passion. Really appreciate all the software he develops to make my life easier as a Digital Marketer since 1991. 5 Stars Dave!

Boyd staszewski

Verified Customer

All your products are outstanding. You're the ONLY software developer whose products I buy EVERY time. Because they never let me down!


Verified Customer

Dave, The products you develop are exceptional along with your tutorials on how to use your software - second to none. Your software is some of the best software I have come across. Cheers

Mike Marcolin

Verified Customer

The software is awesome. I have damn near every one of them you have made.

Corey Wilkinson

Verified Customer

I love the software. I have been using your products for years. Thank you.


Verified Customer

Your software is indeed phenomenal, you are an outstanding and responsible person.

Rufus Trotman

Verified Customer

Thanks for continually updating the software. I have bought other software where they promise to continually update it, but they never do.

Shawn Wideman

Verified Customer

Thank you Dave, for having the integrity to constantly upgrading your product.

Fredrick Tillman

Verified Customer

Your software is phenomenal. The care that you take in explaining their features is exceptional. You are a definite credit to this industry and a shining example of a responsible creator/marketer!

Garrison Ladson

Verified Customer

Thanks for what you do Dave, I do not think that words can express our true inner feelings for you and your family. I speak God's love, grace, and peace over you and your family in the Name of Jesus. You are turning my life around, thanks.

Alrick Enoch

Verified Customer

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410K+ PLR Articles in Over 1,500 Niches

Get a massive set of over 410k+ articles with private label rights allowing you to use as your own content or modify using your favorite AI engine.

Massive collection of 413,435 articles provided in plain text files
Articles are available in a wide range of niches, spanning over 1,500 different categories!
Use these powerful articles in any way you want. Change them to fit your marketing strategy or create entire reports and ebooks using the power of AI.

(Value $199)

Don't Miss Out on Your Limited Time Discount

Get Insight Analyzer Today

A powerful software that uncovers perfect content creation ideas

PAA Extractor toolextract unlimited "people also asked" questions from Google - NO LIMITS
Search 237 different countries using Google Advanced Search
Change to 46 different languages
Run unlimited number of software instances at the same time
Generate beautiful self-contained PAA tree HTML files
Extract up to 8 levels of questions at once
Auto-click PAA questions up to 5 times to create larger PAA trees
Built-in PAA question tree viewer
Export PAA tree to PDF, PNG or SVG
Extract free unlimited computer estimated search volume directly into the software
Import free search volume data from Google Keywords planner or SearchVolume.io
Instantly get URL traffic metrics with built-in Keywords Everywhere API integration
Built-in Keywords Everywhere tool
Bulk search allows to create unlimited PAA tree files and CSV files at the click of a button
Insight Generator tool for generating intent driven long tail keywords for any niche
Extract insights from Google, Bing, Youtube, and Amazon
Generate insight keyword phrases around questions, prepositions, comparisons, alphabetical and 15 MORE modifier lists!
Group generator tool for creating tight relevant longtail keyword groups
Instantly group tight relevant keywords from unlimited PAA questions, search intent keywords, or imported keywords
AI generator for instantly creating content from PAA questions, answers, insights, keyword groups and more
Generate long-form articles up to 10,000 words long! 
Instantly convert PAA Youtube videos to text and rewrite into articles using AI
Scrape PAA article links and instantly rewrite the content using AI
Finely tune the AI content output using the conversational style
Built-in HTML editor for doing quick edits on your AI content
Post unlimited content to unlimited WordPress sites
Generate AI images directly inside the software
AI Browser tool that requires no OpenAI API key integration
Login passwords tool for getting where you need fast inside the built-in AI browser tool
Built-in bookmarks with preloaded AI engine links for ChatGPT, Google Gemini, Bing Copilot, Claude, and more
Built-in instant prompt for quickly generating the AI content you need fast
Built-in url scrape and rewrite prompt tool for instructing the AI engine to create new content
Built-in Youtube to text and rewrite prompt creator
Bonus 10 PDF Reports
Bonus AI Content Generating Videos
Bonus AI Image Generating Videos
Bonus 410K+ PLR Articles
Commercial License
Outsource License - Get 10 computer installs for you, your team, your outsource team, or even family
Video Instructional Training
No monthly payments
Responsive Customer support
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
FREE Software Updates

There is NO other software on the planet that extracts Google's people also asked questions, search intent phrases, search volume data with a group generator and AI content/image generator all in one!

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$67 / Yearly

Get instant access to Insight Analyzer for just $67 ... $47 with the coupon code: INSIGHT20

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About the developer

Hello! I'm Dave Guindon

B.Eng., M.A.Sc. in Electrical Engineering
Software Developer/Webmaster
Online Marketing Entrepreneur

I have developed over 100 software applications spanning the last 20+ years and absolutely love creating tools that help people save time and money. I thank you for stopping by and hope you take action today. You won't regret it. 

"From our family to yours, we thank you for your support and hope you and your family are safe."

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have an affiliate program?

Will Insight Analyzer work on a Mac?

Yes, the software works on Mac computers. In fact, we will provide a completely native Mac application.

What Mac OSX and PC Windows Versions are supported?

The software will work on Mac OSX 12 or higher including the 64-bit OSX, and Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 & 11.

Is there a Refund Policy?

Yes, absolutely. You have a full 30 days to try the software, and if you are not satisfied in any way, contact us here and our team will refund your payment right away.

Is this software cloud based?

No, the software is not cloud based. It's desktop software that runs on a Windows computer or a Mac Computer. Since the software is not cloud based, it will work MUCH better at extracting data using the power of your computer instead of sharing the data extraction with thousands of other users on a cloud-based server.

Are there any upsells?

Yes, there are two optional upsells. The first is for another brand new ai-powered desktop application. Its a powerful tool for generating domain names using AI for your business, product names or brand names. It also has built-in domain name appraisal valuations to help uncover high-value domains with unlimited use. This software will save you thousands per year compared to using other similar products. During the product release, you can get access to this new software for less than the cost of Insight Analyzer. The second upsell is software bundle of 3 of our top selling apps at half the normal price.

With  new emerging AI technology, will the software be continuously updated?

Yes, absolutely! We keep our software updated and always working with the latest technology.

How many computers can I install on?

Normally, you can install the software on 1 computer that you own. But, during this promotion, you get an outsource license that allows you to install the software on 10 computers you own or for your employees, partners outsource team, or family.

How do I get support?

You can contact our support team anytime at our support help desk here

Are there any monthly or recurring payments?

No, there are no monthly or recurring payments. There is only a one-time payment to get instant access to the Insight Analyzer software.

Are Software Updates Free?

Yes, absolutely! You will receive all future updates for major version 1 absolutely free for life! We release between 30 to 80 updates spanning 1-2 years for a given major version. In fact, every time you open the software, it will automatically check for new updates and provide you with a download button.

Does this software run on my iPad or Android Device?

This software is not a mobile app and will not run on a mobile device running a mobile operating system such as an iPad, iPhone, or Android device. We are currently investigating the option to expand our software to mobile applications in the near future.

Are there API fees?

Yes, and no. If you decide to use the AI Generator tool with your OpenAI API key, then you will be charged a super tiny fee to generate AI content in your OpenAI account. We show you how to setup it up in the help videos. From our experience, it costs less than $1 to $3 per month which is much cheaper than the ChatGPT $20/month plan. And you only pay for the content you create, which is a fraction of one cent per content creation.

But, if you decide to use the AI Browser tool, then you don't need to enter your OpenAI API key. It's a built-in browser where you can login to your favorite free ai engine such as the free version of ChatGPT, Google Gemini, Bing Copilot or the free version of Claude AI.

Also, you can optionally integrate your Keywords Everywhere API key to access the features for getting URL metrics and historic search volume data from your paid Keywords Everywhere account.

But, if you do not want to use Keywords Everywhere, you can import free search volume data from Google Keyword Planner and SearchVolume.io. In addition we have integrated a computer estimation tool that provides estimated search volume data.

Do I need to have the paid ChatGPT account?

No, you are not required to have the paid ChatGPT plus plan to use Insight Analyzer.

You have 2 options to create content using AI. You can use the AI Generator and connect your OpenAI API key to the software. Or you can use the AI Browser and use the built-in web browser to login to your favorite free ai engine.

Does the software generate search volume data?

Yes, it does. There are 3 methods to getting search volume data in the software.

First, note that a lot of the "People Also Asked" questions and longtail keywords don't usually register much traffic with Google or other online search volume tools. That's because 15% of searches on Google every day are new, and over 70% of searched keywords are “longtail”, with many reporting “0” search volume. So, keep in mind that zero-volume keywords are still getting traffic, sometimes a lot of traffic.

Method 1: You can import search volume data from the free Google Keyword Planner and/or the free SearchVolume.io tool.

Method 2: Connect to your paid Keywords Everywhere API and use the build-in Keywords Everywhere tool. The data is also inserted into the data grids of each tool

Method 3: Use the built-in search volume estimation feature. NOTE: this is estimated data, but is great for understanding keyword value. We found a free API that uses a sophisticated computer algorithm to estimate search volume, cpc, and competition. We recommend using this metric as a guide with your keyword research.

We provide help videos showing how to use all 3 methods.

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